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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the globally bestselling Old Kingdom series with special editions of Sabriel, featuring exclusive content from master of fantasy Garth Nix and original cover artwork by Leo and Diane Dillon (US and UK) and Sebastian Ciaffaglione (Australian).

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garthnix - 1 day ago
1/2 I rarely remember dreams but I had one yesterday where I was talking to “God” (who I couldn’t see but I knew who it was). I asked why didn’t they make a bunch of evil people (political leaders) die to stop so much bad stuff and God said sadly, “That is not the experiment.”
garthnix - 4 days ago
RT @garthnix: I’m delighted TERCIEL AND ELINOR has been shortlisted for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature. Congratulations…