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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the globally bestselling Old Kingdom series with special editions of Sabriel, featuring exclusive content from master of fantasy Garth Nix and original cover artwork by Leo and Diane Dillon (US and UK) and Sebastian Ciaffaglione (Australian).

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garthnix - 7 hours ago
So I did eventually get into my hotel room, which is very nice. But who are these people in here with me? I think one is Roger Moore, but I don’t know the others. (I am bad at recognising people in general, including famous ones.) And yes, I tried reverse image searches.
garthnix - 13 hours ago
RT @LJTolton: If you'd like higher res copies of these and would like to support my work, I have digital downloads available on my shop. Th…
garthnix - 14 hours ago
In LA. Hotel room not ready, so I’m hanging out with a lamp. It hasn’t got a lot of conversation.