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Young Adult Science Fiction

Book cover for Shade's Children (US cover) by Garth NixShade's ChildrenYoung Adult Science Fiction
Book cover for A Confusion of Princes (US cover) by Garth NixA Confusion of PrincesYoung Adult Science Fiction

Standalone Children’s Fantasy

Book cover for The Ragwitch (US cover) by Garth NIxThe RagwitchChildren's Fantasy
Book cover for Blood Ties (US cover) by Garth Nix and Sean WilliamsBlood TiesChildren's Fantasy
Book cover for Frogkisser (US cover) by Garth NixFrogkisserChildren's Fantasy

Fantasy Fiction Books

Book cover for Newt's EmeraldRegency Romance with a Fantasy Twist
Book cover for Angel MageYoung Adult Fantasy Fiction

Uncollected Works

Garth has written other short fictions stories, which are currently not part of any collection.

Uncollected Short Fiction