We Do Not Welcome Our Ten-Year-Old Overlord

Children's Science Fiction

About the Book

From master storyteller Garth Nix, the chilling story of a strange object that falls into the wrong hands and has the potential to destroy the world. Perfect for fans of STRANGER THINGS, THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH, and Neil Gaiman.

It’s not fair. Kim’s always lived in the shadow of his younger sister, Eila — which is not how it’s supposed to be. Eila is a prodigy, and everyone talks about how smart she is… but, in Kim’s eyes, she has no common sense.

One day Kim and Eila are walking in the woods, and Eila finds an enigmatic, otherworldly object. Kim thinks it’s bad news… but Eila begins to commune with it. Kim has every reason to be worried, because soon Eila is able to control the minds of everyone around her… in ways she says is the best for everyone.

Kim’s problem-solving must go into high gear. He has to not only save his sister, but save the world from his sister and the forces she’s unleashed.

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